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General Theory and History

Negadisruptors work by reversing the electrical charge via a phased magnetic beam. Essentially, this causes the atoms caught in the beam to tear themselves to pieces. Frightful in theory, in practice the weapons are not known to be the most practical, with large energy requirements which even intense miniturization has not eliminated.

Though the precise history of this class of weapons is unknown, it is likely that the technology began as a means of beaming energy, but proved ineffecient for that purpose. It’s use as a weapon must have been equally obvious. By the Frontier Rebellion, the massive ship-mounted variety were seeing there first use in combat situations.

Negadisruptors do have flaws. A large number of particles, such as cosmic rays or where there is a lot of atmospheric haze, can drastically reduce the range of the disruption beam, though these conditions can lead to rather spectacular, if decidedly ineffective displays.

Types of Negadisruptors

Vehicle Mounted

These are the oldest types, and certainly the most devestating. When connected to very high-capacity generators, negadisruptors are capable of enormous amounts of damage. The largest can be found on naval vessels, where combat takes place in a vacuum where the rays can have ranges of several dozen kilometers. For atmospheric aircraft, Negadisruptors have never been terribly common, with much better weaponry available, particular Pulse Cannons. Ground vehicles, particular tanks and similar kinds of vehicles, Negadisruptors are very common.

Hand-held Weapons

By the High Imperium, energy generators had reached a level where Negadisruptors could be used as hand-held weapons. This did still require a cumbersome backpack generator, and ranges on most planets were, at best, a few hundred feet. Still, the sight of watching a fellow combatant’s stomach simply disappear into a haze of ionized particles was often enough to put down rebellions before they had barely begun.

Recent Advances

The recent advances in this weaponry have largely been in producing more compact energy packs. Still, it is doubtful that this class of weapon will ever fit into a holster. Though technically illegal, mercenary and security firms are both known as illicit buyers and sellers of this equipment.

One interesting offshoot of Negadisruptors, sadly used by the Femaron Felard’s forces against the Anthorphs, is the Disruptor Bomb.


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