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When the Tawmerik Dynasty finally failed and Qanna Dabrian ruled the Imperium, many Tawmeriks and close Tawmerik allies were shocked. Unwilling to see or accept the changing political landscape, they became increasingly ostracized until they existed almost entirely outside the normal political life of the Imperium. Seperated into scattered “loyalist” enclaves they secretly kept track of who they believed to be the “true emperor” for generations.

Not entirely careful to hide their beliefs, they suffered an occasional tragedy at the hands of Imperial agents. Secretly, as the Dabrian Dynasty began to wane, they began to rebuild their strength. They took the Grand Reforms to be an omen of their coming return to power. The Neo Tawmeriks even began to build a fleet. They also started to politically push for a return to the “good old days” of the Tawmerik Dynasty. This met with a minor degree of success, but did earn them distinction as one of the few groups to successfully curry favor with both Kuberian and Lemardian groups. They made their most cogent political bid for power opposing Hjans Kreb Lakol during the Imperial Interregnum.

When the Imperium erupted in the Hundred Bloody Days, the Neo Tawmeriks saw their opportunity and took it. Their small fleet leapt into action in a desperate attempt to “restore civility and order to the galaxy.” They crowned a new emperor from among themselves, and waited for the popular revolt among the military to close the deal. They utterly failed in this regard.

Presumably some survived the debacle, but they have not made any public announcements since their resounding defeat.


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