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Disruptor Bombs

What are they?

Developed by the Academy Of The Imperial Fleet after the Third Quijrad-Lkrada War, Disruptor Bombs have the unfortunate capacity to disrupt the molecular and atomic structure of atoms around them. Unfortunately, “around them” can refer to several miles of material. This sheds a tremendous amount of energy that can disrupt an entire planet’s ecosystem.

They work on the same phased-magnetic polarity-shifting idea that is the basis for the Negadisruptor. The only difference is that some genius at the Academy had to figure out a FTEIGAR method of imprinting the effect into the warhead of a nuclear weapon. As the nuke reaches critical mass, its EMP hits the FTEIGAR casing nanoseconds before it gets destroyed. “Luckily” thats enough time for the casing to produce a spherical charge-inversion wave.

What happens?

In space, where the designer supposedly thought they would see the most use. They create a fairly spherical shell of death and destruction. Depending on the ability of local magnetic fields to disrupt the phasing, they basically disintegrate all or most of a ship. Enemy commanders quickly learned to spread out farther and keep their RAM drives idling. Even so, they are devastating against installations and asteroids.

However, while suppressing a populist uprising during the reign of Antius Trevus I Commander Rajsthan Julbegger got upset at the drive lasers firing at him from the surface. So he lobbed a Disruptor Bomb at the laser installation. On the plus side, it ended the rebellion. On the negative side, it ended because the entire subcontinent on which it was taking place ceased to exist. The subcontinent was replaced with a tremendous, seething, volcano that spilled lava across thousands of square kilometers. Scholars are still arguing over how many died.

Why aren’t these things banned?

You might think that such an atrocity would get a weapon system banned, it did. There was a very quick and polite political tantrum about ‘humanity’ and whatnot.

None of which mattered at all to the Zenbrudi. Disruptor bombs became viewed as the saviour of worlds as they were used to “cleanse” worlds with dire Zenbrudi infestations.

Altogether, the Imperial Fleet used 43 weapons on various worlds. Only Voushniya with seven hits, was struck by more than three. Most of those worlds are still recovering from the climatic and geological effects of the weapons.


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