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Help Me Pick New Logo Through 3 April 2016!

I am in the process of running a logo design contest on 99designs and have created a poll with 6 of the best logo designs I've received. I would love for you to vote on the logo design. It only takes a minute.

Like Sci-Fi? Read My New Online Fiction Series.

Do you like Sci-Fi? While I finish up my next novel, I have started an online fiction series called Forbearance. Picking up from the canteen scene in Bellicose, we meet Keius Minjen, a postal marine, as he tries to survive the battle planet Guna to exact revenge and one day liberate his homeland.

Sign-up if you want me to send you news about upcoming installments of Forbearance or my other writings.

Founded by Janoos Welkred during the Terran Republic, Welkred Communications was the first interstellar media firm. Funded by Welkred and other Republic patriots as an effort to counter the intense propaganda and disinformation campaigns of Veltrane Fres Volon and his Confederation Party, the Corp quickly evolved into a trusted and popular source of news among the burgeoning Imperial Home Worlds.

The firm was an early adopter of the Hagurin Character Set and many cite its usage as a key factor in [Sedren Tawmerik](/macropedia/sedren-tawmerik)’s decision to make it the official written language of the Imperium. Welkred Communications was the primary media outlet for the majority of Imperium citizens until well into the Dabrian Dynasty.


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