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This is from an email I sent out in April to the main list giving a rough timeline of the formation and fall of the Terran Republic.

Well, my Reth Tawmerik I article states that good ol’ Reth was instrumental in getting the Republic formed, and we’ve established almost since the beginning that Reth with his buddy Alistair Cormwite were responsible for its demise.

We know that:

  • The philosopher and journalist Janoos Welkred was instrumental in at least elucidating the idea of a Terran Republic as a way of bringing together humanity after the long period of isolation during the First Decline.

  • Reth Tawmerik was an important supporter of the Republican movement, and as a member of a very important family from the Imperial Core Worlds must have had a great deal of influence on convincing other powerful interests to back it.

  • Reth is also the first Prime Minister, though he only remains in that position for a year, before becoming Minister of Defense for some indeterminate amount of time.

  • We also know that Reth Tawmerik, after capturing Messen Fremezulejo, seems to have had a change of heart. This seems to be an area where scholars differ :–), as at least Chang Singh thinks that Reth actually planned all along to produce a weak republic that would collapse and deliver him power.

  • The Alaerian Cult explodes on to the scene during this period, but because the Frontier Rebellion doesn’t happen until Reth has already become Emperor, that its direct effect on the Republic couldn’t be anything but relatively minor.

  • … Some period of time (probably 20 years or so) passes …

  • Benita Perez becomes last Prime Minister, but is politically naive and in a weak position, and Reth seizes power with the help of Cormwite (and, I’m sure, other very powerful factions).


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