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Help Me Pick New Logo Through 3 April 2016!

I am in the process of running a logo design contest on 99designs and have created a poll with 6 of the best logo designs I've received. I would love for you to vote on the logo design. It only takes a minute.

Like Sci-Fi? Read My New Online Fiction Series.

Do you like Sci-Fi? While I finish up my next novel, I have started an online fiction series called Forbearance. Picking up from the canteen scene in Bellicose, we meet Keius Minjen, a postal marine, as he tries to survive the battle planet Guna to exact revenge and one day liberate his homeland.

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Astronomy, Astrogation & World Building



Science Fiction

Sizes of Oil Tankers (Terran circa 21C) * Panamax 60,000 DWT * Aframax 100,000 DWT * Suezmax 150,000 DWT * VLCC 280,000 DWT * ULCC 410,000 DWT * Jahre Viking, largest ship in the world: 564,000 DWT 1504 ft. long


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