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The Zorastrian Reformed Cabal, known as the Zurks, claim their faith reaches back to the beginning of humankind. Of course, most cults make such claimes. However, they have holy writings that at least establish that their faith pre-dates space travel. Scholars typically refuse to consider history that ancient–so the Zurks being able to establish themselves that far is a considerable feat indeed.

The Fau System is home to the Zurk faith. Although they claim ancient ties, their faith is uniquly centered on Fau Twid, one of the main planets of that system. They believed in two beings, one of great good and the other of great evil. Their faith revolved around seeking to be good by avoiding social relations with non-Zurks. Their faith had many converts, but strict laws required that only convert’s grand-children could marry a Zurk–and then only the women.

Against the Empire

The Zurks always remained hostile to the Empire (actually against all non-Zurks). Zurks called all loyalists “maingryu”—a label linking them to the all-consuming evil. Naturally, this sort of labelling leads to a culture tacitly anti-Imperial. Scholars have claimed ties between this faith and the Alaerian Cult, although there are distinct differences. The Zerks were a major faith in the Fau System, and the Alaerian Cult were a more miltant faith that had followers throughout the Frontier Systems. The Alaerians found themselves hunted by the Empire.

The Zurks, however, enjoyed less open hostility with the Empire. They tended to keep their own odd government and refused to sue one another in Imperial courts. They focused on undermining the Empire via economic means. One of their greater accomplishments was to provide financial backing to the Tithian Foundation when it was bought from [Jubal I Ii](/macropedia/jubal-i-ii). Their funding ensured the Foundation was able to freely launch an open war against the Empire via words and research. Even as they enjoyed such political success, they remained true to their faith and remained within the Fau System. However, there were a great many who could not bear the stench of the Empire and joined in on the New Diaspora


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