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Poly-Control Slave System

During the Early Imperium P Css were the dominant form of advanced military hardware control.

P Css allow for multiple controllers to join forces, often this is applied directly to vehicle operations with vehicles that can merge to form larger entities.

The primary benefit is shifting comman burden. The example situation is as follows:

Two tanks are on the battlefield. One is partially disabled, possibly immobilized. Normally, this spells the doom of the tank. However, if the tanks are of similar specie and equipped with P Css. The unscathed tank can link with it. The commander of the injured tank is then able to focus on repairing his vehicle while the commander of the other tank gains joint fire control and can use his engines to move them if necessary.

Statistics from the field indicated that this type of control was much more effective off the ground (in air, sea, or space) combat. However, it was a slight advantage over systems without the capability.

Fading Glory

P Css started to fade from the battlefield as Telefreiber perfected their swarm dynamic technologies during the later High Imperium. P Css were not as adaptable to the shifting, subtle battlefields of the Grand Reforms era.

This is not to say that they are not used today. Indeed, public transportation systems are replete with P Css.


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