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Suit designed by the Imperium Navy, initially for vacuum combat, but later adapted to a number of different environments.

Basic Design

The suit isn’t exactly a wonder of engineering, and doesn’t live up all that well to its name of being a light battle suit. It was never designed to be terribly light or flexible, but rather to allow for space E Vas, including combat, in a variety of dangerous environments.

Later modifications, the so called Mark 2s, gave the skin of the suit an anti-corrosive coating to allow for protection in corrosive atmospheres.

The suits generally have enough air to last six hours, though this can be extended with a bulky second tank, only really used for extended E Vas.

The suits also come equipped with mechanical strength enhancers; a series of hydraulic systems that can magnify the strength of the wearer. Units are usually equipped with some mounted weapons, such as chest lasers, shoulder rocket launchers and the like.

Finally there is the computer systems, which allow for control of the hydraulic systems, communications, monitoring of vital signs and with link-ups with the ship. As usual, and despite the illegality, SMEEs are frequently found in such suits.


  1. SMEE

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