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The Imudring represents one of the more curious cultures in the Imperium. To accept their version of history, those belonging to this group originally belonged to one of the sleeper ships allegedly launched from Sol System during the Chronology/Emergence. Starship engineers seem to support the notion as the ships the Imudring inhabit are engineered in a very odd way and have a significantly different line of design than most trans-system ships, with notable exception of FTL drives. During the [Terran Decline](/macropedia/terran-decline), the Imudring were separated, and most were forced to scratch a meager existance in space.

Regardless of their source, the Imudring were the only group of people who have refused to touch planetary soil in recorded history. They were masters of space travel. Unfortunately, their ships tended to have a lack of gravity, so risks of gravity prevented them from landing on any body with significant gravity. However, small asteroids were still a possibility, yet they still refused to set foot on anything not a ship.

The Imudring ships formed the backbone of trans-system cargo transport during most of the Imperium. Various corporations and Imperial organizations had their own cargo transport, but the most reliable and common were the Imudring. Speculation suggests that part of this is because their ships are fitted with heavy weapons and that Imudring ships may neutralize competition when possible. However, there are no substantiated claims to these accusations.

One of the more perplexing is their early adoption of the Hagurin Character Set, even to the point of seeming to abandon their native writing. What makes this more perplexing is the fact that there are different factions of Imudring, many of whom are in open-hostility with one another. (Which, also, makes them interesting considering their supposed business practices.)

The Imudring are also fairly strict adherants to the Chogia Faith, which is a meditative discipline involving the manual writing of the Hagurin Character Set.

In response to outside pressures and internal conflict, the Imudring attempted a brief federation but ill-fated under Wecing Doozium, an infamous trader.


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