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Federov Assault Rifle

The Federov Weapons Group was one of the premier suppliers of firearms for the duration of the Imperium. While Firearm technology dates to before the expansion, it is generally very effective and new technologies helped to refine, rather than supplant, its use.

The FWG also predates the Imperium, producing weapons in the Fasantauri system even before the Terran Republic. In this article, I’ll be examining the major families of Assault Rifles that Federov produced and their features.

Duschekovsky Series

During the Republican Era, there was a bit of a struggle to determine the pre-eminent firearms manufacturers for the new enconomy. Luckily for Federov, they had the Duschekovsky brothers to help them out.

The early “D-100” series rose to dominance for the ease with which parts could be replaced. With combat happening in increasingly unusual environments, this was a big plus. Swapping out a new barrel is so easy, that soldiers were often rumored to do it under fire, without even removing their ammunition.

Later, as adaptability became recognized as a necessary feature of any weapon system, the “D+50” model came to dominate the infantryman’s world. Not only did the D+50 maintain almost the same ease of use, it was provided with a wide assortment of parts for use under differing conditions. While effective for the time, these pieces were somewhat crude and certainly not elegant in any aesthetic sense

FTEIGAR hits the scene

For much of the Early Imperium the D+50 dominated the scene. However, Fteigar Alloys changed the nature of adaptability. As armor became more cunning and available, the general use of firearms began to decline. Simply put, Fteigar bullets were no match for Fteigar armors. However, not all opponents will be soldiers, so firearms remained useful for crowd control and civilian subdual. Similarly, Fteigar technologies allowed for amazing capabilities for the sniper or assassin.

The FC series

The FC-## for Federov-Civil, were designed primarily for use by Civil authorities to quiet “unrest.” The F Cs generally fired lower-powered ammunition and were reinforced to withstand use as a club. “Nonlethal” ammunition was also supported. FC series Fteigar showed more adaptation to ammunition than to environment, since the weapons weren’t expected to “commute” outside whatever organization and location they were originally designed for. This made them less “durable” over the course of time and fewer can be found today than even most of the D series.

The FM series

The FM “Federov Military” series were designed with the planet-hopping soldier in mind. The Fteigar automatically adapted to a wide range of environments and firing conditions, but did not accept the wide range of ammunition available for the FC series.

The Laws of Physics are pretty tough to break. Microgravity combat involving firearms would be pretty comical if it weren’t for all the people dying. This is especially true for weapons firing ammunition heavy enough to damage a Raptor Combat Suit. A bulky assault rifle is a hard sell next to a bag of Magnetic Fleas.

The FS series

The FS “Federov Specialist” series was designed with the “hunter” in mind. In truth, they were at least as respected among assassins and killers as among sportsmen. Each series was specially-designed for different world’s gravity and climate, with Fteigar responses changing muzzle speed and aim to great effect.

By the time of the Grand Reforms, they were so popular with assassins that Klister University developed the miniaturized Ballistic Trace Network. Which just about ended rifles as a tool for assassination.

A Gentleman’s Weapon or Crude Frontier Tool?

As time passed, Firearms fell from favor as the primary weapon of the infantryman. By the time of the Grand Reforms, this trend left Federov maintaining only the FS series. Firearms enjoyed a brief resurgence during the Zenbrudi Wars and for some time thereafter.

Currently firearms enjoy an odd split personality. Finely-crafted and decorated for use, many weapons still adorn the studies and lodges of aristocrats. Sturdy and reliable, well-worn rifles also adorn the cabins of terra formers and frontiersmen for defense and sustenance.


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