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Major armaments corporation founded during the High Imperium by the Dinzwar Gefera security firm. The Dinzwar Gefera were apparently concerned about relying upon other armaments companies, many of which were heavily infiltrated by BID agents. Initially the company did little more than produce knockoffs of other designs, which got it into a good deal of trouble with Imperium patent officials.

A series of talented and forward-looking directors saw that the corporation, and the Dinzwar Gefera, would be much better served by increasing the research and development departments. The purchase of a small anthorph [Fteigar Alloy](/macropedia/fteigar-alloy) manufacturing company, Escadoma Corp, was a major part of a long-range plan to produce new classes of weapons.

The corporation became such a revenue generator that it could actually afford to buy a star system, ([Star Systems](/macropedia/star-systems).)Raj Mulakane, which became the official headquarters for the corporation, and the unofficial headquarters of the Dinzwar Gefera. In this way, the Dinzwar Gefera was reportedly able to weather the disasters that marked the downfall of the Imperium.


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