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Do you like Sci-Fi? While I finish up my next novel, I have started an online fiction series called Forbearance. Picking up from the canteen scene in Bellicose, we meet Keius Minjen, a postal marine, as he tries to survive the battle planet Guna to exact revenge and one day liberate his homeland.

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The Conspiracy of Ages is a common philosophical belief of various faiths that rang true with history. This Conspiracy emerged out of one of the earlier Conferences of Religion and Science. There were many spiritual leaders who recognized the threat of powerful Oligarch organizations such as the Bafiktuy Intelligence Directive (BID). In fact, the Conspiracy itself tended to focus on the BID almost exclusively for generations.

The Conspiracy of Ages essentially claimed that key developments of science, technology and religion were being repressed by the Government and the Oligarchs in order to maintain control over the people. Naturally, those who held this belief were labelled members of the lunatic fringe by most people. Therefore, this philosophy never carried the punch it should have.

However, there were rumors during the High Imperium of wealthy young men forming a secret society to deal with whatever Conspiracy might actually exist. These rumors have been the staple of many multimedia entertainment programs and this Scholar cannot accept the rumors as true. However, it does make for good entertainment.


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