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The Conference of Religion and Science was a decennial meeting of the various tolerant religions within the Empire. Various faiths and factions had differing motives behind the Conference. There were those who sought to use the Conference to convert others to their faith by subtling changing their faith to reflect changes in social attitudes. Other faiths sought for a Unifying Concept that would allow various religions to merge without conversion. However, the central purpose was always to find a way to reconcile the faiths to changes in society and emerging science.

Naturally, there are many faiths discussed elsewhere that would naturally be opposed to these attempts. Those faiths tended to be sectarian in nature, although a few (such as the Tao Sunni) did enjoy more widespread support at different periods of their history.

Prominent of these is the Qin Lop Shu. This faith claims one of the conferences itself as its birth. However, this faith is characteristic of those where an older faith sought to convert more by changing its ways to conform with society.


  1. Qin Lop Shu

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