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Site Update Notice:

Espace Society is being migrated from its legacy PmWiki to Octopress. If you see any formatting errors, please be so kind as to make a comment on the page at the bottom. I will make the change promptly.

All past discussions have been lost due to the page name migration. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, and thanks for visiting EspaceSociety.

Okay, so if you’re coming to this site, odds are you’re coming to look at one of the handle AE guides I’ve published. Simply put, I’m trying to figure out whether I’m doing right by you in my guides, or what more should I be doing?

Additionally, my overall goal is to try to entice you into Science Fiction. The Lexicon RPG was a fun way to play with Sci-Fi, and I’m looking for more contributors. And, of course, I’m writing novels, so I’m hoping you’ll be interested in reading them when finished.


If you completed the questionnaire, thank you. If not, I still thank you for coming to the site.

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