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Site Update Notice:

Espace Society is being migrated from its legacy PmWiki to Octopress. If you see any formatting errors, please be so kind as to make a comment on the page at the bottom. I will make the change promptly.

All past discussions have been lost due to the page name migration. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you, and thanks for visiting EspaceSociety.

As you can tell, I don’t blog on Espace much these days. Most of the visitors head over to the Astro Empires/ guides and pick up a few tips. This site has more than that, and it’s about to change.

Since this site started it has been managed with PmWiki. A great tool. Easy to modify. Easy to manage. I’ve been using PmWiki for nearly a decade. I’ll be converting this site to Octopress. That’s another way of saying the site will be statically generated. Octopress lets me manage the site pretty much the way I always do. But, static generation gives me a few capabilities I’m looking for at this point.

Over the past year I’ve been tinkering with Eve Online. You see the section on the top bar. It’s a fun game, though a bit of a time hog. One has to have the interest.

Last Fall I published Scintilla. I started on Luctation, but failed to focus on milieu development. That produced artistic debt that ground the draft to a halt. My son’s waxing interest in tabletop role-playing led me to look into Traveller. Traveller and Eve are similar, and both have helped me to develop the Pax Terradoma which is paying down that debt. I hope to resume writing Luctation soon.

That’s a quick update. I’m always looking for ways to improve the site for the many of you who visit. What are you hoping to find here that you’re not?

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