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Thank you, and thanks for visiting EspaceSociety.

It took me a while to regain my momentum, but my novel Scintilla has gone through its revision. Scintilla is a Sci-Fi novel about three cultures in collision. On one hand, you have the mighty Imperium. You also have the backwater world of Copa, with its aristocrats and peasants. Its fundamental question is about freedom.

The Imperium was the result of the Everyspace effort. Myself and two others tried to think of a really creative milieu to write in. We ended up creating a Lexicon game, which is a lot like pretending to be opinionated Wikipedia authors. It took us several months to weave together the narrative–to know how check out the Everyspace site which gives away the details. Afterward, I set about editing the results and packaged. I’m still working on the Kindle and 6”x9” versions.

I also slapped together quite a bit about the mechanics of hyperspatial travel through the Soup. You see a bit of that in Scintilla, though most of the action is planetside. If you want more action and space, you’ll have to wait for Imbroglio or Bookmaker; both of which are in the works. Some of the terms and behaviors solidified while I played the MMORPG AstroEmpires. If you’re a fan of that game, then you may see some influences.

Please stay tuned. I hope to finish up Scintilla soon and make it available to you. You can check back here, or fill out the form on the other side of the Contact Me tab to your left.

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